Huge Rest Areas in Texas

When most people think of rest areas, they think of sketchy roadside areas with dirty restrooms that should only be used as a last resort. But if you drive along certain freeways across the state, you can’t miss the brand new, state-of-the-art, huge rest areas, which Texas is calling “Safety Rest Areas”. We don’t know who the commercial contractor or construction company that built these rest areas is, but it is clear that they have done a great job.

Safety rest areas in Texas are quite different from the rest areas in Oklahoma and other states, though it may not be long before we follow suit with large, state-of-the-art rest areas of our own. Texas safety rest areas are spacious, clean, well-lit, have tornado shelters, playgrounds for the kids, expansive green areas for the pets, as well as numerous security cameras to improve safety. In a way, you’ll feel less like you’re at a rest area alongside the road and more like you’re staying at a resort, because the quality of craftsmanship is so high.

Rocking O Construction, based just north of the Texas border in Oklahoma, is a well-qualified residential and commercial construction company with an expansive portfolio that includes a wide variety of projects, from custom homes to truck stops. We seek to make the truck stops we build, which are scattered across cities and towns of Oklahoma, warm and inviting places that people actually want to stop at. It is obvious that a similar philosophy was guiding the architects and designers that built the safety rest areas just south of the border.

Although they were not likely built by an Oklahoma-based construction company, we salute the quality of construction of the safety rest areas. If you’re ever in the Lone Star State and enjoy fine architecture and curb appeal, the safety rest areas may be worth checking out. There are more than 50 different well-constructed safety rest areas across the state, to give drivers a taste of the quality and comforts of their McAlester homes when they’re on vacation in a neighboring state.