The Art of the Truck Stop Buffet

As most Americans know, fuel prices are continually on the rise, while wages remain the same (or even decrease, in some cases). Truckers are one of the hardest hit by this, as fuel prices can significantly affect their profit margins. Every good trucker understands the important of value, of maximizing and stretching every dollar, just as those in the custom home building business possess a knowledge of residential construction, remodeling, and general contracting.

Many truckers have a certain brand of truck stop chains they prefer, just as those who are involved in commercial construction and remodeling often have a certain type of tape measure they prefer, as they are actively engaged in the business of general contracting and possibly telecommunication installation. Truckers want the most bang for their buck, which is often why they choose their truck stop of choice based on the buffet.

Some people engaged in the business of custom home building wouldn’t be caught anywhere near a buffet, but for a truck driver, it’s a way of life. Sometimes, if you can find a really good buffet, you can eat just one meal mid-afternoon, rather than separate lunch and dinner meals. This also saves a significant amount of time. And truckers know that time is just as valuable in their industry as telecommunication installation is in rural communities.

After several years on the road, sometimes hauling equipment used to build tribal infrastructures, truckers learn the art of the buffet. Simply put, the art of the buffet is this: “It’s not about quality; it’s about quantity.” Don’t be expecting no five-star restaurants, built by well-known commercial construction and remodeling companies. The food may not be as good as what your momma fixes, but what’s important is that there is a lot of it, at a reasonable price (remember what we said about getting two meals in one?).

To a truck stop, having a great buffet is as important as a tribal infrastructure choosing the right commercial or residential construction and remodeling company. If you end up with someone who knows nothing about general contracting, your tribal infrastructure will likely not be well-built. In a similar manner, if your truck stop doesn’t have a great buffet, you might as well keep moving down the road until you find one that does.