Types of Home Construction

There’s more to any home than meets the eye. Building techniques can vary widely for material requirements and establishing the ultimate nature of your home. From the traditional to the not-so traditional, those techniques are surprisingly limited considering how many architectural styles there are to choose from.

Types of houses are often referred to by their appearance, layout, or both. Ranch-style, split-level, Colonial, Mission-style...the list is nearly endless. No matter what the outside or even the inside looks like, there are only five basic types of construction used in the actual construction of residential homes. The materials, techniques needed for building, budget of the home owner, or building style all factor in to how a house is built.

Timber frame construction is what most people think of in the United States when you talk about building a home. These are the sorts of houses that custom home builders put up for people. Large wooden beams are cut and assembled to form a framework with smaller, narrower beams between them. Timber frame houses often leave some of the framework exposed as part of the external appearance or interior design such as exposed ceiling beams.

Wood panel homes are assembled from pre-fabricated panels. These panels have stiff foam insulation between thinner pieces of wood inside them. Much like their timber frame cousins, wood panel homes have many of the same potential enemies: wood rot, termites, and warping. But being primarily wood, they are also more renewable than some other construction materials.

Manufactured or prefabricated (prefab) homes use mass produced components built in a factory. Wood panel homes can be considered partially prefabricated because of the assembly of the paneling away from the actual construction site, manufactured homes are generally considered homes that are bought in one or more pieces which are then delivered to the property and assembled if necessary. Manufactured homes don’t even necessarily need to be placed on a permanent foundation.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) is a new type of home construction. Concrete forms are used to provide exceptionally strong structure for the home with very little new timber needed for the frame itself. ICF construction is more expensive to put up, but provides long term savings for heating and cooling bills and are also very fire and insect resistant as well.

Steel stud construction is most commonly found in commercial buildings but it can be found occasionally in residential homes. Steel stud uses a similar principal to timber framing but steel and screws replace wood and nails. Like ICF, steel stud constructed homes are more resistant to fire and insects while appearing almost identical to timber frame houses once completed.

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